I have eight steps to owning a website

There are a number of steps involved when creating a website. Described below is the process I prefer to use when collaborating with you. My hope is to make this experience an enjoyable one for you by having a concrete plan to get the job done.

Number 1


What are your objectives and how are we going to reach them?

This is where we figure out why you need the website. Is it to promote a product, a service or to showcase your passion? What do you want it to do? What is it going to look like? How are visitors going to use it? I work with you to determine what’s needed to realize your web creation.

Number 2

Domain Name / Web Hosting

It’s much like having a house

There are two important things that need to happen; choose a domain name and a web hosting company. If you are unsure what that means, it’s simple to understand. I’ll use the analogy of having a home. They all have an address where people can find you; 123 Main Street for example. The same goes for your domain name, it’s the address that people will type into the web browser, which takes them to your website. So, is the address where people will find you. 

Continuing with the same analogy, the actual piece of land that your house stands on is like a web hosting company. It’s the physical location in the world where your house stands. This relates to all the digital files that make up your website. Those files need to exist somewhere, and that place is your web hosting company. 

Domain names are reserved and usually renewed on yearly terms. Web hosting is a monthly expense with yearly payment options.  Both domain name registrars and web hosting companies offer special introductory pricing.

Number 3


What do you want to show and tell me?

We need content for the website. Things like; what information do we need to write? What photos and icons do we need? Do we need a video to get our message across? We need to cover all pages, but the most important page to start with is your Home page. This is where we will spend the most time crafting your message and refining your offer. If you need assistance, we can put together a team to work through it with you and help make it all happen.

Number 4


Aesthetics and usability matter

Did you know that 38% of visitors leave a website if the design doesn’t look appealing? This is why I insist on producing custom visual designs that are eye-catching and easy to navigate. Once the content is produced, I create a clickable mock-up of your website that will give you a clear idea of what it will look, read and behave like. This is the stage where we make all the design-related changes. Together, we’ll get it exactly the way you want it.

Number 5


Almost at the finish line

Congratulations! 90% of the decision-making is done. In this step of the process, I transfer the design into the web page builder to get it ready for the worldwide web. I assemble all the pieces, add functionality and once this step is done your website is complete. If you want to make last-minute changes, no problem, websites are a flexible and evolving creation, changes can be made anytime.

Number 6


Time to go live!

I like to launch websites when they are just about perfect; not perfect, just about perfect. I suggest this because once a website is live, we shift our perception. This is when we fully encounter the content with fresh eyes and ears. You will share the website link with a few friends, co-workers, or family—they will also see where improvements can be made. We will change an image, rewrite some information, reorganize sections or add a button or two.  I like to allow a window of about two weeks to make these final refinements and get it exactly to where we want it. 

Number 7


Learn to update and maintain your website.

Being able to manage and update your own website is fun, at least I think so. I will show you exactly how to get things done on your website. My goal is to transfer the knowledge you need to add and update content and do basic back-end maintenance of your website.

I can meet you in person, use video conferencing, or produce a custom-tailored video tutorial for you using your specific website. I provide six hours of training with every website I build and you have six months to use it. 

Number 8

Support and Care Plans

I'm there for you

You will surely have a question from time to time or you may even need me to help you do something. I’m here for that, just send me an email and I will help you out. If you need long-term ongoing assistance to update, troubleshoot or maintain your website, we can set up a care plan for you.