About Me

My name is Brian Rougeau. I am an award-winning cinematographer and director who has traveled the world telling people’s stories. I now apply my visual storytelling abilities to a new field of interest, web design.


It is all storytelling. I’ve had the honor and privilege to tell people’s stories using film and video cameras for the past 25 years. Visual storytelling is what drives me. As long as I can remember I have been a visual storyteller, first with mark-making tools, then a still camera, later a movie or video camera, and now, a computer.

Everything I know about composing moving images applies to web design. It’s all about focussing the viewer’s attention using light and shadow, colour and texture, shape and space, pattern and proximity, and language. I would say the main difference with web design is that the story is told using text rather than the spoken word.

When a client who wants a website comes to me, the first questions that come to mind are; What’s your story? Why do you do what you do? And what do you want to achieve?

This storytelling approach helps tease out your mission and vision. People get excited about a person or business that has a purpose. By applying story frameworks to your brand, people will connect. That is exciting, for me and for you.

So, my aim is to take my visual storytelling know-how and apply it to the structure of your website to lead your visitors on a journey. The goal is that you will not only show people what you do, but you will also make a human connection. We can do this together with empathy, openness, and effort.