User-friendly WordPress websites for you & your visitors.

Custom designed visitor experience so they can find what they want without effort.

Custom designed user experience so you can add or change content without effort.

Do you need easy content updates?

Some clients have told me... "When I need to make changes or add new content, I don’t have the time and energy to learn how to design a layout consistent with your custom designed website."

I can help wth that…

I can help

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I can help with that…

Hi I'm Brian. I build easy to use websites for individuals, businesses, and non-profits. I put in a 200% design and build effort to deliver a hassle-free website experience. 100% for your visitor’s front-facing experience + 100% for your back-end content creation experience. An added bonus is I can deliver your website in either French, English, or both.

Features & Benefits


Custom designed website to fit your needs

I start from a blank page and create custom tailored page designs that meet both your requirements and your visitor’s needs. This means we design your website from scratch and you don’t have to fit your content into a cookie cutter design that might not match your objectives.


No design knowledge needed

I pre design custom templates for all your content needs; things like text blocks, galleries, image layouts, video blocks, etc. All templates are based on the unique design of your website. This allows you to add content without the worry of choosing the matching font, sizing, colouring and spacing of elements in the layout.


Easy to add and update content

I spend much of my design and development time creating an easy experience for you for when you add and change content. All you need to do is fill a form to add text, images, videos and links. The design all comes together for you.


Reliable functionality

I ensure that your website does what it is meant to do. Reliable functionality is key to a good user experience. I research and implement the best technical solutions to achieve what you want the website to do for you and your visitors.


Bilingual creation environment

I can communicate with you in both French and English (written and spoken). I can also build the user back-end dashboard experience in either language. 


Comprehensive Training

I deliver your training in one of the following methods: Pre-recorded video, video calls, or in-person meetings. I offer one video with chapter markers or up to 2 hours of in-person or video-call training.


Attractive Design

More than a third of people will leave a website if the design is unattractive. My goal is to design and develop unique and attractive designs that keep your visitor on the website.


Thoughtfully built user interface

Nothing frustrates a website visitor more than a poor navigational experience. I will work to make sure that they can find what they came for quickly and easily using proven user-interface conventions that website visitors expect.

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