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I help create websites that inform, entertain and educate.

I work to ignite people’s interest in what you do by creating web experiences that meet up with the purpose of their visit.

Useful websites make memorable ones.

My goal is to make a person’s visit to your website a memorable activity. I believe that you want your website visitors to do more than skim the contents of your web pages, so I work with you to create a website that provides value and that is useful to your visitors.

Bonhomie Studio is a Winnipeg website creation company owned and operated by me, Brian Rougeau. My objective is to create well-designed, small to medium-sized websites for start-ups, small businesses, and for people and organizations involved in the creative, social, and environmental sectors. My services can be delivered in either French or English.

See my work and feedback from clients below.

La Maison des artistes logomark

La maison des artistes visuels francophones

Art Gallery

La Maison des artistes visuels francophones presented me with a challenge to re-design their decades-old website. The scope of the project was extensive as it involved the preservation of roughly 160 exhibition archives and also included the development of a members area where artists can create their own artist page by filling out a front-facing form. A big part of the design went into the back-end of the website so to make it easy for staff to update and manage it.

Réseau Nord-Ouest wordmark

Réseau Nord Ouest

Grouping of French-speaking artist-run centers

Founded in 2017, Réseau N.O. is the grouping of French-speaking artist-run centers in Northern and Western Canada (Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta Saskatchewan, and Manitoba). The network aims to develop opportunities for dissemination, professionalization and networking for visual artists from official language minority communities.

Ryszard Hunka Logomark

Ryszard Hunka

Documentary Filmmaker

Ryszard was looking for a website to feature his films and photography. With an interest in developing unique design elements I created the filmstrip that is placed on the right side of each page. Ryszard and I also felt that the darker palette gave a more intimate feeling to the web pages—like being in a movie theatre.


News aggegrator website

Filtrr.net is an aggregator website that sorts articles from news organizations according to their perceived political biases. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop where the viewer is able to read articles on a selected topic from across the political spectrum.

Close up photo of waves on a lake

Aimée Craft


Aimée Craft is an academic, lawyer, artist, and changemaker. Together, we set out to create a website that features her work in three areas of focus; Water, Treaties, and Indigenous Justice. Aimée is dedicated to the protection of water and reminds us that our relationship with it is sacred and a never-ending one. In addition to the breadth of her selected works listed on the website, you can also download her media kit and CV for much more.

Sarah Lamontagne Photo wordmark

Sarah Lamontagne Photo


Sarah Lamontagne Photo was my first client. When I first began to learn web building, I casually told Sarah one day that I could make a website for her and she jumped at the opportunity, wanting one for her start-up photography business. Just recently, we did a website make-over. Have a look!

Enhanced Therapy Institute logomark

Enhanced Therapy Institute

Information, Research, and Training

The Enhanced Therapy Institute is an organization founded and led by Darek Dawda. Currently, he is devoting much energy towards educating people on the latest developments in MDMA-Assisted psychotherapies. Clinical trials involving the use of MDMA accompanied with psychotherapy are showing that MDMA is an effective medicine that helps people who have experienced trauma. There are indications that the use of MDMA may be legalized for treating PTSD in the coming years. Further scientific research is also underway to assess its effectiveness for relationship therapy. Be sure to listen to his podcast, it’s very informative and rich with insight.

Photo of Micheline Marchildon

Micheline Marchildon

Actor and Comedienne

Micheline Marchildon is an actor, TV host, and stand-up comedienne who works and performs across Canada. Her objective with this website was to create an online portfolio to share her work and her story with her followers. For a daytime laugh or an evening giggle, have a look at her stand-up work—understanding a little french will help a little. 🙂

Photo of Ryszard Hunka

Brian has that rare combination of creative design skills, problem solving abilities, and a patient, collaborative approach. He is a pleasure to work with, and he built the perfect website for my needs.

Ryszard Hunka • Canadian Documentary Filmmaker

Photo of Barbara Gasser Bohm

Thank you for all the work, help and support! Your kind, patient, thorough way of addressing all my questions, walking me through all the steps necessary to be up and running, teaching me how to make changes independently are so very much appreciated. I’m sure I’ll be checking in on the video every now and then to refresh my memory. Thank you for your generous help!

Barbara Gasser Bohm • Turtle Fitness Winnipeg

Photo of Sarah Lamontagne-Rougeau

Brian did an incredible job with my website. All of the requests I had made were fulfilled and he went above and beyond what I was expecting with new, unique ideas. His tutorials on how to navigate and update the website were very comprehensive and he was there to answer any questions I had. I am pretty independent at this point, but whenever I have trouble, he is always happy to help in any way he can. 

Sarah Lamontagne • Sarah Lamontagne Photo

Photo of Brian Rougeau

Brian Rougeau

Owner of Bonhomie Studio

So happy you read this far. I am a film and television veteran who chose to follow a passion for web design later in life. I founded this company because I wanted to help individuals and organizations gain a web presence to help them connect with their desired audiences and thus provide value to them.

If you like, email me and we can set up a chat to see if I can help you reach your website objectives.

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